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The History of Valentine’s Day

A look back at my post on the history of Valentine’s Day.

Ruth Anne Garcia

Every February 14, we see the explosion of flowers, hearts, chocolate, and stuffed animals. But do you ever sit back and wonder why it is celebrated? Who is this St. Valentine and why is it important? Who is the guy with the angel wings and the arrow that shoots you with a bow and you magically fall in love? Well, let’s look back in history. Shall we?

St. Valentine Legend

Saint Valentine of Rome, was a third-century Roman saint widely celebrated. While it is said that he is a combination of two saints, little was known about him outside of his martyrdom. It was agreed by the Catholic church that St. Valentine was martyred and then buried on the via Flaminia to the north of Rome.

There are many versions of why he was arrested and killed. Some say he healed a child and executed later by decapitation. St. Valentine’s…

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