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Zoo of the Dead Book Review

Ruth Anne Garcia

Zoo of the Dead and other horrific tales by Iseult Murphy.

Iseult wrote a collection of horrific tales and I have to say that I really really enjoyed them. I’ve written my review in general terms for each story she wrote. I tried to keep any spoilers from appearing in my review. I made comments about what I enjoyed and at the bottom, I’ve given an overall review of what I thought about the book as a whole.

First, Here is the description:

Ever wondered what it would be like to see a loved one in a zoo exhibit? How about where Death takes his girlfriend on their dates, or what kind of client a zombie private detective might have? Well, wonder no more! ‘Zoo of the Dead and other horrific tales’ compiles six of Iseult Murphy’s horror shorts for the first time in one collection, together with the three…

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