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Weight loss Meals

Hi! I wanted to share a few meals that I've been eating and have found on other sites. I'm not adding the recipes because I've only made small portions of them. But, I'll list what the ingredients are. 🙂 Banana Pancakes Almond flour Almond milk Baking Powder Eggs Bananas Snack Plate Colby cheese Large cucumber… Continue reading Weight loss Meals

My Weight Loss Journey

Weight Loss Journey-One Month Update

I started my weight loss journey on July 22, 2020. In that time, I've lost a total of 5.4 lbs. That isn't a big number, but let's go to the beginning and I'll explain how my losses have fluctuated. Weigh-In Each week I have weighed in to see my progress. I update this on Instagram… Continue reading Weight Loss Journey-One Month Update